Saturday, December 4, 2021

10 Reasons for Investment in Tehran Province

Special strategic position in the country

Tehran as the capital of the country has been the political and administrative heart of the country and all the ministries, departments and commercial, economic as well as financial centers are located in the capital, with most business-related activities in the country taking place in Tehran. Geographically, Tehran province has a special status and serves as a bridge to the North, South, West and East of the country.

Suitable infrastructure for investment & commerce and establishment of major supply and distribution units in the province

The presence of state-of-the-art facilities as well as industrial and commercial infrastructures in most areas such as extensive transportation system, advanced urban infrastructure, specialized human resources and extensive and specialized industrial settlements have created a special opportunity for investment in Tehran province.

Tehran metropolis and large, new cities in the province

The population of more than 13 million people in the province, especially more than 8 million people in Tehran metropolis and the presence of large and populous cities such as Shahriar and Islamshahr, as well as the new cities of Parand and Andisheh, has brought about a unique consumption market and doubled the attraction for investment and business.

Special transportation capacities in the country

Being located on international transport corridors and the existence of appropriate terrain, air and rail network, with the existence of Imam Khomeini International Airport and being placed on the route of major highways and railway network of the country, have made the province particularly attractive for investment.

Numerous natural, historical, cultural and tourism attractions

More than 890 registered national and international monuments, works of art, as well as numerous historical, cultural and natural attractions are found in the province, which has given the opportunity to invest in tourism and provide wide-ranging tourist services. As the 18th largest city in the world, Tehran is known as one of the most important tourist centers of Iran and  as the city of museums, adding to the attractiveness of Tehran province.

Expert and Educated young workforce

There are 139 scientific and academic centers in Tehran province. There are 1,459,065 students studying in the province (statistics for year ending March 2018-2019), with an average of 171,358 young men and women graduating from universities each year. This capacity has set the stage for the presence and concentration of young, skilled human resources.

Money, Capital and Financial Center

Tehran, as the capital of Iran, is the focus of money, finance and capital of the country, and the major stock, commodity and energy markets are concentrated in the province. These financial centers have paved the way for investment in Tehran province.

Establishment of major service centers and business diversification

Major Centers of top services such as technical, engineering, technological, scientific, specialized, financial and credit, and health and medical are located in Tehran province and have significantly increased business diversity in the province. Due to the establishment of major educational and specialized centers in this province, specialized knowledge is readily accessible.

Establishment of the chief industries

The establishment of a large part of the country’s industries such as automotive and motor vehicle, aerospace, urban transport industries, and large complementary & packaging industries in the province has paved the way for investment in the agricultural sector, the complementary & packaging industries and the supply chain line.

Suitable agricultural Resources and Climate

The proximity to the North and West basins of the country and access to groundwater resources in Firoozkooh and Damavand, as well as suitable agricultural lands and climates, have provided the basis for investment in agricultural and complementary industries. Tehran province has a high ranking in greenhouse cultivation and agricultural production in the country.


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