Saturday, December 4, 2021

Introducing The Center

In order to facilitate and expedite the foreign investment in Tehran province and in the context of Iran’s foreign investment promotion & protection act (FIPPA), "Investment Services Center"​ was convened and representative of the relevant offices were present there at General Directorate of Economic Affairs & Finance in Tehran Province.

It is the center for investing applicants in the whole province of Tehran. In addition to doing delegated tasks by the foreign investment organization, economical and technical helps and giving related authorities, it will also be a center for coordination between the province and the organization.

The plenipotentiary representatives introduced by the organizations in addition to the meetings, as needed and appropriate to the number of applicants for foreign investment and investors, by an announcement from the head of the center would be present at the Center and in shortest time possible would obtain the necessary permits and solve obstacles and problems, and would report the result of their actions to the head of the center. If within a month the administration don’t give the related permit or don’t declare the reasons for their opposition The Investment Services Center of the province under the governor’s recognition will directly issue the relevant license.

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