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waste management investment opportunities in in Tehran :

waste management investment opportunities in Tehran

Urban waste management

Urban waste management in Iran is one of the main issues facing municipalities across the country.
With regard to comprehensive economic, environmental and technical studies, recycling of municipal solid waste and conversion of waste to the compost are suitable areas for investment in urban areas of Iran, which considers all stages – from the beginning to the end of such a process- as justifiable.
Investing in waste management with regard to biomass resources in this province is one of the prime investment opportunities. As far as biomass resources of the province are concerned, municipal solid waste (garbage) can be mentioned. The amount of waste produced in Tehran is about 9,500 tons per day (400 tons per hour); and given the fact that according to the standard of waste incineration plants, a 1 MW plant needs 45 tons of waste per hour; the construction of 9 MW waste incineration plants in Tehran province can be considered a good opportunity.

Proposed Projects

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