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Transportation investment opportunities in in Tehran :

Transportation investment opportunities in Tehran

Public transportation

Public transportation in the province of Tehran and investment in it, with the goals of reducing air pollution, improving traffic status and public transportation, as well as modernizing the worn texture, are of the priorities of the province. With 13 million inhabitants and 16 cities, as well as inclusion of Tehran as the capital, Tehran province is considered to be the most important transit route for transportation in the three areas of passenger transportation, freight transportation and international transportation.
According to the statistics of the 2015, the number of daily intra-city transportation in Tehran exceeds 23.6 million displacements, 60% of which are carried by public transportation, 18% of which are related to metro, 20% to bus transportation and 22% to the taxi transportation. At present, Tehran’s public transportation fleet can be divided into four categories.
  • Subway (7 active lines and 2 developing lines in Tehran)
  • Taxi transportation services (46 terminals in Tehran)
  • Bus transportation (5 inter-city terminals, 11 intra-city lines, 11 inter-city night lines and 219 intra-city daily lines)
  • Air transportation (Imam International Airport, Mehrabad Airport, Payam Airport)
One of the unique opportunities for foreign investment in Tehran is the Imam Khomeini Airport City (IKAC). About 14,000 hectares of the lands of Imam Khomeini Airport are considered as the airport city. In this airport city, there are 1500 hectares of free trade zone and 2,500 hectares of special economic zone and the remainder are the phase one, phase two, phase three, and phase four of the international airport of Imam Khomeini.

Proposed Projects

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