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healthy investment opportunities in in Tehran :

healthy investment opportunities in Tehran


According to the World Economic Forum in 2017, some of the major trends in the health sector in the world could be as follows:
–        Increased health costs
–        Increased activity of risky investment funds in the health sector
–        Enhanced emerging health technologies
–        Increased investment for healthy living
Currently, each of these trends exists in Tehran province. Population growth, population aging, the outbreak of chronic diseases, disease patterns change, economic prosperity, and the public coverage of insurance services are all among the things that can be seen in the province.
However, according to the province’s population, there is a physician for every 1551 persons, and a hospital bed for 442 people. According to 2014 statistics, Tehran has 34 active hospitals, 128 health clinics, 203 medical laboratories and 389 pharmacies. The total number of general practitioners and specialists in this city is 2,241.
Regarding the characteristics of the province, this sector is considered as the national and provincial macroeconomic policies in providing funding in this area and a greater presence in health tourism, as one of the priority sectors of the province to attract foreign investors. In general, it is possible to summarize the province’s strengths and opportunities for investment in the health sector:
–        A large consumption market for health services
–        Experienced manpower
–        A popular culprit for tourism
–        Extensive coverage of general health
–        Required registration under brand name
–        Earning the ability to produce advanced drugs
–        The growth of international trade in drugs and medical equipment
–        The existence of several prestigious universities in medical sciences
–        Assigning two health and medicine towns in this province for investors, especially foreign ones
–        Low taxes and customs duties for drugs not produced internally
–        Developing general health insurance
–        Increased investment in domestic pharmacy
–        The potential of research and development centers with international brands

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