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Capital Market investment opportunities in in Tehran :

Capital Market investment opportunities in Tehran

Tehran Stock Exchange

The Tehran Stock Exchange was founded in 1967 and has been active in following four periods: the first period (1967-1978), the second period (1979-1988), the third period (1989-2004) and the fourth period (from 2005 till now). According to its prospect, Tehran Stock Exchange wants to be the leading regional stock market and the driving force behind economic growth. Some of the goals of this organization are the attraction of foreign capitals and the effective use of the advantages of membership in international institutions and cooperation with foreign exchanges; so that there is a specific regulation in this regard for foreign investors. Shares, debt securities, equity securities and funds are among the products of this market.

Currently, the status of foreign investment in the Tehran Stock Exchange shows that the number of foreign shareholders in 2016 has grown by 38% to 436 compared to previous year, 83% of which are real groups. The volume of purchases has grown by 60% to 795644 units in 2016.

The Bylaw Governing

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