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Foreign Investment Promotion & Protection Act

Korean Agreement

German Agreement

Russian Agreement

Turkish Agreement

English Agreement

Italian Agreement

persian Agreement

Arabic Agreement

French Agreement

Spanish Agreement

Chinese Agreement

Capital Market
Boursa, Exchanges and OTC Markets, Securities Market
Guide to investe in TSE1_1
The Bylaw Governing Foreign Investment in the Exchanges and OTC Markets
Iranian Securities Market Act
Company Registeration
laws-regulations - Download PDF
joint stock
Registration of Companies
Criteria on Registration of Companies
Monetary and Banking
laws-regulations - Download PDF
Investment Licensing Procedure
The Banking and Monetary Act 1339
The Law for Development of New Financial Instruments and Institutions
Monetary and Banking Operations
laws-regulations - Download PDF
Employment of Foreign Nationals
Employment of foreign
labour law
laws-regulations - Download PDF
Executive Bylaw on the Issuance of Visa to Foreign Nationals in the Free Trade
Visa Related Matters
Foreign Trade
laws-regulations - Download PDF
Export Import
Free Economic Zones
laws-regulations - Download PDF
Law on the Administration of Free Trade
Regulations on Entry and Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Free Trade-Industrial Zones
Regulations on Establishment
Regulations on Investment in the Free Trade
Regulations on the establishment and Operation of Insurance institutes in the Free Trade
The Law on the Establishment of Free Trade
laws-regulations - Download PDF
Tax Bases and Rates
Taxation from foreign investors in Iran
Value Added Tax (VAT) in Iran
Agreements for the Avoidance of Double Taxation
direct tax act
Direct tax
Guide on tax
laws-regulations - Download PDF
Convensionand IRI Customs
Current Activities
Customs Revenue
Duties and Golas
export-import regulation act
Gift and Present
Green and Red Channels
Guide on EXIM
Prohibitions and Limitations
Temporary Entrance
Traveler Exenption